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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions which you may find help you with your query. If not please contact us by using the enquiry form on the contact page.

1. How can I request an AzureProject demo version?

Click the ‘DOWNLOAD AzureProject demo’ button at the top of each page of the SMAR Azure web-site. You will be required to input your name and contact details. Once you have completed and sent the request form, you will receive an email with the link to the demo download area and instructions.

2. What computer requirements do I need?

Any current and recent PC will run AzureProject. The faster the processor the better, anything over 512Mb of memory is fine.  For graphics cards we would recommend ATI and NVidia cards -there can be some issues with some of the Intel integrated graphics chip sets so we would advise to avoid these if possible.

3. How do I know if a new version of AzureProject is available?

You will be informed via email from the support team each time that there will be a new version of AzureProject available for downloading. If you run AzureProject on a computer connected to internet, a dialogue box will appear with the following message:
 “A New Version of AzureProject is Available:
You are using version: …
And the latest version is: ..” 
We strongly advise you to download and install it as soon as you get the email or message.

4. How can I download a new version of AzureProject?

There are two ways.

One way is to open your client private area on www.smar-azure.com by inserting your username and password SMAR Azure website in the access client area box on the top right of the SMAR-Azure web-site. Here, you will find the new Installer Package. Double click on the installer Package and follow the instructions.
In this area, you will also find all information about the novel features added and changes included.

Otherwise, you can start AzureProject and when the dialogue box with the message ‘’ A New Version of AZURE Project is Available’’, click DOWNLOAD NOW and follow the instructions.


The private area is created by SMAR Azure support team for each client.
To enter in the private are, you need to input the username and password in the ‘Access Client Area in the blue box that you find on the right of the SMAR Azure web-site.

In your private area, you will be able to: 

a) Download an updated version of your software product,

b) Have access to manuals and technical dispenses related to each update version of AzureProject, and

c) Communicate directly with the SMAR Azure support team with the e-ticket system. You will be able to send us emails and files, and read the answer to your questions. You will also be able to view all emails exchanged with the support team.

6. Can my Plotter/Cutter machine plot and cut panels and patches developed with AzureProject?

AzureProject saves panel and patches in as: *.ntv and a variety of *. dxf options, making it compatible with all nesting software and plotters that read *.ntv and dxf file types.

7. Can I design GAFF SAILS with AzureProject?

YES you can with the dedicated module GAFFSails. For more information, please look in Sail-Designer Product>add-ons on this web-site.

8. Can I design my own fiber layout?

Yes you can with the dedicated fiber layout tool. You will be able to design fiber paths in groups directly on 3D sail surfaces and will be free to export to any lamination system. For more information, please look in Sail-Designer Product - AzureProject.

9. Does AzureProject include nesting functions?

No, AzureProject has no nesting functions. Panels, patches and uv-covers are saved in *.ntv and *.dxf files, which can be imported in any nesting software. Each plotter/cutter machine is offered with driving software with nesting features. We aim to ensure that *.ntv files are compatible with all nesting software available on the market.

10. Setup - What are the computer requirements needed to run AzureProject?

At least one free/designated USB port for the USB-dongle.

11. Can I use AzureProject on an Apple computer?

Yes you can. It is enough to have a windows emulator (Paralles) and a windows license installed on your apple machine.

12. How much does AzureProject cost?

SMAR Azure offers a suite of software programs that match the requirements of any type of user. The wide range of programs available guarantees that each user can select and buy exactly the product that is required. Please contact us for information about the price of the product that you are interested in.


Gavin Watson, Penrose Sails, UK

"We started using the software in late 2007. The service of the AzureProject team is outstanding. They continually improve AzureProject based on close communication with their customers' needs. I would highly recommend AzureProject to anyone looking for 'state of the art' sail design software."

Eric Taylor, Taylor Sails, US

"1st and 2nd place finishes in this year's International Sailing Canoe World Championship with Taylor Sails and Chris Maas canoes!

I know for sure, that I could't have done this without AzureProject and Francesco's input with the sail designs.Thanks for awesome design software and support."