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Delivering Innovation to the Marine Industry

Brio Course

How is it organised?

A member of the SMAR Azure technical team will travel to the client’s premises. Clients are required to have a PC/Laptop running Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 and a number of sails design and rig data to be used during exercises.

It is suggested that the training course will be attended by the team members that will actively work with BRIO and the analysis features.

The minimum duration of the training course is 2 days.

In case BRIO is delivered with specific custom features and additional software applications from SMAR Azure, it is recommended a minimum of 4-days training course.

What You Will Learn

The BRIO training course is designed to help users to use all functionalities of BRIO, specifically how to import/export files, manage project and files.

As the course is developed to meet the requirements of a specific group of users, a complete agenda will be provided a week prior to the course starting date.

Interactive Courses

Trainees learn by doing, not by just hearing the explanation. Each key concept will be described in simple and layman terminology and with examples. Each explanation session will terminate showing simulations and with and question/answers session about key concepts from trainees.

You will learn by doing

Our courses are loaded with exercises, so clients can learn by direct apprentice and contribute to shape the training and learning process using their expertise and skills in preliminary rig design.

Courses are available in English, Italian, Danish and Spanish.


Gavin Watson, Penrose Sails, UK

"We started using the software in late 2007. The service of the AzureProject team is outstanding. They continually improve AzureProject based on close communication with their customers' needs. I would highly recommend AzureProject to anyone looking for 'state of the art' sail design software."

Eric Taylor, Taylor Sails, US

"1st and 2nd place finishes in this year's International Sailing Canoe World Championship with Taylor Sails and Chris Maas canoes!

I know for sure, that I could't have done this without AzureProject and Francesco's input with the sail designs.Thanks for awesome design software and support."