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Delivering Innovation to the Marine Industry

Azure Project Course

Which training courses are available?


Advanced course

What is an Introductory Course?

The introductory course lasts for one (1) day.
It will cover the main features of the acquired products.
During the day, the trainee will be able to learn how to use the sail design tools.

What is an Advanced Course?

The Advanced Course lasts for two (2) days.
By the end of day 1, the trainee will be able to learn how to use the sail design tools.
In day 2, the course will cover technical aspects concerning the software modules, such as using analysis results for optimisation purposes.

By the end of day 2, the trainee will have developed a number of core sail designs that will constitute the first step towards building his/her entire sail design library in AzureProject.

It is strongly recommended to those who purchase the analysis modules.

Who is the Course Trainer?

A technical engineer from SMAR Azure.

Courses are currently available in English, Italian, Danish and Spanish.


Gavin Watson, Penrose Sails, UK

"We started using the software in late 2007. The service of the AzureProject team is outstanding. They continually improve AzureProject based on close communication with their customers' needs. I would highly recommend AzureProject to anyone looking for 'state of the art' sail design software."

Eric Taylor, Taylor Sails, US

"1st and 2nd place finishes in this year's International Sailing Canoe World Championship with Taylor Sails and Chris Maas canoes!

I know for sure, that I could't have done this without AzureProject and Francesco's input with the sail designs.Thanks for awesome design software and support."