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Maintenance and Support

SMAR Azure clients are given a private username and password to access their private download area on www.smar-azure.com.

In this way, our customers will be able to operate with the latest updated version of all our products (Azure Project, SA Evolution/ Rig Edge/ Brio) and access personalised messages, instructions, support and maintenance.

Maintenance and Support includes:

* Free updates, manuals and technical dispenses, bug fixing

* Personal and dedicated 24h/days e-mail support via the private area

* Discuss and access to pre-release and beta versions of new products and upgrades

How can I get in touch with SMAR Azure with any queries?

SMAR Azure clients have a username and password to gain access to their private area, and it is here where you can get in touch with the team using our ticketing system. Click on the ticketing link and you will be able to open a new 'ticket'. Here you will input a few details and your query. Once you have sent the query you will be e-mailed a ticket number.

A member of the SMAR Azure team will respond and when you log back in to your private area, you will be able to track the progress of your query using your unique ticket number.

Alternatively, you can get in touch using the details on the contact page.

How much is the Maintenance and Support service?

Maintenance is included in the initial purchase price, for the first 12-months (unless otherwise stated in the contractual agreement).

After 12 months you can decide to renew the Maintenance and Support Service, by paying a small renewal fee (depending on the product you have purchased). If you prefer not to renew it, the product will be yours and it will work forever.

For the period of 24 months after the expiry of your license, you retain the right to re-acquire your license subject to payment of all Renewal and Support Fees that would otherwise have been payable had the license remained in force during the period it lapsed. After such 24 month period, a new license will need to be acquired and paid for separately.


Gavin Watson, Penrose Sails, UK

"We started using the software in late 2007. The service of the AzureProject team is outstanding. They continually improve AzureProject based on close communication with their customers' needs. I would highly recommend AzureProject to anyone looking for 'state of the art' sail design software."

Eric Taylor, Taylor Sails, US

"1st and 2nd place finishes in this year's International Sailing Canoe World Championship with Taylor Sails and Chris Maas canoes!

I know for sure, that I could't have done this without AzureProject and Francesco's input with the sail designs.Thanks for awesome design software and support."