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Delivering Innovation to the Marine Industry


RigEdge is the unique and innovative software enabling rig and yacht designers to rapidly define the rig dimensions. The robust analysis tools quickly evaluate the sail loads on the rig and calculate the rig deformation and relative loads. With RigEdge You can:


  • RIG: spars, standing and running rigging
  • SAILS: mainsail and genoa, Hull and Deck
  • Calculate

  • wind forces over the sailplan
  • sails loads on the rig
  • mast bend and luff sail
  • rig loads and tensions


  • Speed Up Rig Design: Drive rig design from concept to definition of rig geometry and loads.
  • Explore Alternative designs
  • RigEdge provides the flexibility to explore rig design concepts in 3D, by assessing performance in various sailing and tuning conditions.
  • Communications with clients made easier
  • Sizeable savings to be made

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