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Design and Optimization of fiber layout

SMAR Azure can work with sail-designers to develop optimal fiber by using SA-Evolution in-house. With SA-Evolution, the SMAR-Azure team is capable to evaluate the flying sail-shape and stress intensity and directions for a specific fiber layout. Therefore, the SMAR-Azure team is able to optimize the performance of the fiber layout according to the required performance . For instance, optimization studies can focus on developing fiber layouts that are light, able to hold shape well and easy to maneuver.

The approach

After having discussed with the client about his/her sail-design requirements, the technical team at SMAR Azure will start running aerodynamic, structural and aero-elastic analyses of the sail with an initial fiber layout in the specific sailing conditions defined by the client.

According with the results of the analysis, the technical team will evaluate modifications to the fiber layout that that will maximize the sought performance. For instance, the team will reinforce with fibers the zones highly stressed and ensure that the fiber trajectory will match the stress directions.

  • Analysis will follow to validate the improved performance.
  • SMAR-Azure technical team will send reports of the results and findings for final review and discussion to the client.
  • Project Roles and Responsibilities
  • The client provides project oversight and guidance and reviews/approve results.

One of the SMAR Azure technical team will be the Project Manager, managing the project in accordance to the plan and agreed budget.

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