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Delivering Innovation to the Marine Industry

Sail Design

SMAR Azure can work with sail-designers and sail-makers to develop sail shapes by using AzureProject in-house. With AzureProject, it is possible to design the sail shape with high accuracy, as it allows working on the horizontal sections and vertical lines and defining roach, battens, luff and leech shape and manufacturing details. Most importantly, with the advanced 3-dimensional (3D) vision of the sail, it is possible to check if the sail fits perfectly on the rig.

The SMAR-Azure team can help to develop sail shapes for specific projects or for creating a library of sail-molds.

The approach

After having discussed with the client about his/her sail-design requirements, SMAR Azure requires the following information from the client:

  • Number and type of sails to be developed
  • Accurate measurements for each single sail and of the rig and boat
  • Desired panel and patch layouts (if any)
  • Any information that can help the development of the sail, such as target sailing conditions, type of rig, preferred sail cloth and so on

Then, SMAR-Azure technical team starts developing the 3-dimensional sail shapes by using AzureProject. The developed sail shapes will be delivered to the client as design file and/or as native or *.dxf file of panels ready to be nested and produced.

For more information, please contact Sabrina.



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