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Delivering Innovation to the Marine Industry

Azure Project

AzureProject is the leading solution for the design of sails and fiber layouts. It offers highly intuitive tools to easily create, validate and modify any type of sail and fiber layout.

It includes the ability to design:

  • hull (mono - multihull or import it as a Rhino file)
  • rig and deck
  • any type of sail: mainsail, jibs, spinnakers (symmetric and asymmetric)
  • any type of panel layout, reinforcements and UV–covers
  • custom fibre layouts using any number of fibre paths, groups of paths and fibres per path

In addition the designer can create custom measurements rules.

Panels and patches are saved in file formats compatible with all production machines.

The AzureProject fiber layout tool is used by fiber-membrane manufacturers.

AzureProject is available as both: STANDARD and PREMIUM version. The PREMIUM version of AzureProject includes also aerodynamic, structural and aeroelastic analysis. The full brochure can be found below.

Contact Sabrina for more info.



Brad Stephens, Aus

"There is increased pressure with centralised manufacturing to ensure that designs reach the production floor complete and each release of AzureProject is enhancing that ability to use a single application to generate and distribute all the design and manufacturing requirements. "Design at a distance" is my philosophy by which a sail designer should be able to design a sail anywhere in the world, issue the design to manufacturing and not get call back for additional details."

Jean Saintonge, Voiles Saintonge, Can

"My decision to go with AzureProject was quite easy to make: With respect to other software, AzureProject core engine gives great performance and is still easy to learn and use! I can not imagine a simpler tool to undertake such a demanding task!"