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Brad Stephens

Bradley Stephens

Born and raised in Sydney, Brad’s sailmaking and offshore sailing career began with Bob Fraser at Fraser Sails in 1975 and in the early 1980’s his passion for design and the emerging personal computer lead to a career in sail design and sail design software.

Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s Fraser Sails was a premier sailmaking group in Australia and beyond and Brad led a full time team in the design office, with numerous new custom yacht builds requiring his close attention and co-operation with yacht designers, boat builders, spar-makers and riggers. During this time Brad also participated in numerous offshore races and regattas including the Sydney-Hobart, Admirals Cup, Kenwood Cup, One-Ton Cups and other international events as a sail trimmer and boat speed master.

The advent of North Sails 3DL brought great changes in the industry and Fraser Sails responded with the development of the D4 sail membrane where Brad’s background in sail design and sail design software facilitated his role as one of the principal developers. Following the acquisition of D4 by DIMENSION-POLYANT Sailcloth GmbH in early 2004 Brad spent the following ten years with DP but a re-emphasis on the core (rolled goods) business resulted in the sale of the D4 manufacturing equipment in 2013 and Brad’s departure from the company to again pursue his design interests.

SMAR Azure is pleased to announce the appointment of Brad Stephens, as Sales Agent for Australia and New Zealand.

The appointment of Brad Stephens, based in the harbour city of Sydney, will ensure easy access for Australian and New Zealand customers to SMAR Azure’s unique products and services, as well as signalling the company commitment to provide outstanding technical support and training courses to customers based in these territories.



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