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Delivering Innovation to the Marine Industry

AzureProject new version: optimised and effective sail design

Latest version of AzureProject has brought major updates, which will increase further optimisation and efficiency of the sail design. Latest features include:

  • Create a DECK SWEEPER MAINSAIL which allows to design extremely effective sails. Deck sweeper sails are effective because the seal between the sail and deck improves the performance of the sail (driving force), regardless of the heel, by reducing induced drag.



    If the class rule allows the deck sweeper option, the efficiency of the sail will be increased by extending the sail down to the trampoline.


  • Optimise the design of the sections thanks to the EXTRA HANDLE option to add extra flexibility, especially when designing relatively deep sails, with the draft moved towards the luff.

    That extra handle will make the design of headsails, spinnakers, dhow sails easier, more flexible and accurate.


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