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Delivering Innovation to the Marine Industry

Hull & Rig Analysis

Taking into account dock tuning conditions and sailing loads on rigs, SMAR Azure can measure:

  • Rig global strength, by assessing:
    • Strength of running and standing rigging
    • Stress in the mast tube
  • Chain-plates loads
  • Rig Natural Frequencies If required:
  • Ability to take into account the impact of dynamic loads, including compliance with the classification societies' guidelines for Sailing Rigs certification, under MCA LY3 code;
  • Ability to design and analyse Gaff rig and Multi-mast rig configurations

Our approach:

We use RigEdge, our rig design and analysis technology, to draw the initial rig configuration and evaluate the tuning and sailing loads. Once the global strength of running and standing rigging and spars is evaluated and the worst sailing conditions, SMAR Azure is also able to further verify the design using more advanced FEM/FEA tools, which will also calculate the dynamic behaviour of the structure.


Since the mutual interaction between sails, rig and boat is taken into account, SMAR Azure can deliver not only optimal rig-plans, but also effective advice regarding rig-tuning and boat-trimming to boat owners.