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Delivering Innovation to the Marine Industry

Rig & Sail Plan Design

SMAR Azure defines the dimension of an optimal rig & sail plan and relative sail-shape via an automated evaluation of sail coefficients in a variety of sailing/trimming conditions and by varying the sail's geometry.

Our approach

Our proprietary sail design technology is used to draw any type of sail-plan. From a basic base-line sailplan, we can identify the optimal rig & sail plan via an automatic evaluation of the sail-plan performance (speed, comfort) by simulating the impact of variations in sail trim, sailing conditions and sail shape geometric parameters. The outcome is an optimal sail-plan (dimensions and sail-shape).

Whether required the approach can entail the use of VPP to take into account the influence of the sail-performance on boat trimming. Furthermore, we can calculate the rig deformation under sailing and dock tuning loads, using RigEdge. This enables our team of engineers to properly define not only the initial dimensions of spars/rigging but also their structural properties.


Since the mutual interaction between sails, rig and boat is taken into account, SMAR Azure can deliver not only optimal sail- and rig-plans, but also effective advice regarding rig-tuning and boat-trimming to boat owners.



SMAR Azure explains to Ship & Boat International how it's integrated sail design and analysis technology enables it to design optimal sail-rig plans. Click above to read the full article<\div>